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SeaPort-e: Quality Assurance

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TechOp strives to provide the best in products and engineering services.
The TechOp Team combines proven management procedures, committed experienced technical professionals, and effective corporate support as the means to integrate professional support services.
Team TechOp uses leadership and management principles to ensure that each task receives the right mix of technical and support personnel. The Team’s commitment to risk mitigation techniques and continuous improvement ensure the use of best practices and realization of committed cost savings.
The team offers a staff of experienced and trained managers and technical staff who will:

  • Operate within a responsive and effective management infrastructure
  • Provide timely, high quality professional support from its pool of resources
  • Maintain staff members with knowledge and expertise in the proposed functional areas
  • Access resource pools for quick response to dynamic situations and fluctuating workloads
  • Respond to changing customer requirements using proven processes and procedures

The member contract interfaces operate in a seamless fashion to provide the high level of support required by the Seaport-e contract and associated tasks. The Team relationship provides extensive capabilities while providing a single face to the customer.

Team TechOp’s approach to cost savings derives from three key areas:

Task management plans that apply best practices and lessons learned and are used to monitor task performance
TechOp begins each task with a detailed task management plan that includes the use of subject matter experts, best practices, risk mitigation plans and technology reviews to ensure that the task is being performed in the most cost effective manner.

Continuous improvement program that results in cost reduction opportunities
The Team encourages its employees to participate in continuous improvement by making recommendations that reduce cost or improve productivity. Team members are consistently evaluating task performance and looking for methods by which it can be improved or enhanced while still achieving task goals.

Application of Technology
The application of technology is a key mechanism for improved productivity and cost savings. TechOp will use tools that it has developed that have resulted in manpower requirement reductions and cost savings to other customers.