Mr. Crawford Cole

CFO of TechOp Solutions International, Inc.

Mr. Cole is Managing Partner of Cole Family Investments, LLC which owns an equity position in several firms including TechOp Solutions International, Inc. In December 2005, Mr. Cole co-founder TechOp Solutions and since that time he has continued in the CFO role.

Mr. Cole’s prior professional experience includes management positions in several service and product industries. He was CEO and President of West Marine, Inc. (NASDAQ – WMAR) the largest retailer of boating equipment and supplies in the world. During his tenure at West Marine, the company grew from a small regional 18 store chandlery to a nationwide “Category Killer” with over 200 stores and $400 million in annual sales.

Prior to West Marine, Mr. Cole held a variety of positions at Northern Automotive, a retail chain of over 800 auto parts stores (dba Kragen Auto, Checker Auto, Schucks Auto and AutoWorks). His responsibilities at Northern included Distribution, Logistics, Inventory Management and lastly all Store Operations. Prior to Northern, Mr. Cole performed management consulting at the Garr Consulting Group which was a wholly owned subsidiary of Deloitte Touche.

Mr. Cole has served on numerous Boards of Directors beyond West Marine including JDA Software, Inc. (NASDAQ – JDAS), the largest provider of specialty retail management software, and ScorePAD Sports.

Mr. Cole received his BS degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Virginia, and earned his Professional Engineering certification in the State of Georgia. He received his MBA degree from the University of Georgia.

Mr. Cole has been happily married for over 26 years and has two adult daughters.