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We provide customized technology-based solutions that capitalize on our fundamental understanding of operational requirements. Join our growing list of partner-clients.

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Department of Homeland Security

TechOp consultants and technicians provide technology and operations solutions to senior decision makers in the Operations Directorate of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). We are directly involved in assessments of operations during both routine and exceptional National Operations Center (NOC) activities. TechOp analysts and subject matter experts investigate, recommend, and report on COTS, GOTS, and customized application enabling systems and services that are appropriate to NOC functions and business processes.

TechOp recently won the re-compete for the innovative NOC Media Monitoring Capability it pioneered in 2006. Via a succession of pass-thru Prime contract vehicles, TechOp has increased its initial DHS support services by adding social networking/new media collection, analysis and reporting to the TechOp/NOC Media Monitoring Center’s toolset. The Media Monitoring/Social Networking Center is a critical component of a suite of capabilities designed to improve NOC situational awareness. TechOp analysts are responsible for assessing broadcast media (TV, Radio, Internet, Wire Service, etc) and social media (Twitter, blogs, etc.) and preparing/staffing Spot and Situation Reports related to department initiatives/priorities, developing situations and critical information requirements.

United States Marine Corps

TechOp is teamed with Booz Allen Hamilton on a 5 year contract to support the Marine Corp’s facility maintenance program – USMCmax. USMCmax is based on Maximo, a COTS Enterprise Asset Management Program produced by IBM. USMCmax is currently deployed at 16 Marine Corp installations across the US utilizing a centralized application/database configuration. TechOp ’s experienced professionals provide a full spectrum of services including a corporate wide help desk, report development and data calls, user training, development of customized applications and interfaces to 3rd party programs.